Best Discord Bots that All Server Owners Should Try

Best Discord Bots that All Server Owners Should Try

In the contemporary digital upheaval, we are witnessing the impact of digitization in almost every sector.

Not only in the work field but the entertainment sector of today’s generation is also determined by the glamour and smartness of the digital field.

Online gaming has become an indispensable part of the digital sector. And today’s gaming community is incomplete without the presence of discord.

Among the contemporary gaming community, discord is the most popular chat platform.

The wave of this intuitive platform has engulfed the gaming communities worldwide.

It has gained popularity because of its highly robust structure and customizable nature.

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Once the taste of Discord is tasted by connecting one’s own server to it, one can easily understand its customizable nature.

To further enhance its functionality, bots are needed to be connected.

These bots improve the functionality of the server along with the incorporation of several other funny add-ons with it.

This article focuses on the features and functionalities of the best discord bots, compiling a list of the top 15 best discord bots currently available in the market.

With extensive market research, analysis, user experience, and study of ratings and reviews, we have compiled a list of the top 15 best discord bots.

The list highlights the best discord bots based on expert recommendations and collected through the above parameters.

Top 15 Best Discord Bots

Here’s the list of the top 15 best discord bots that you can currently find in the market.

The list provides complete details along with the important features and functionalities of each item on the list.

Check it out for complete and comprehensive knowledge about the best discord bots.

Mee6 Discord Bot

It is by far the best discord bot for perfect bootstrapping and growth of the discord server.

It is perfect for configuring moderation, and Twitch alerts along with several other features with the easy-to-use dashboard.

The Mee6 dashboard gives the user optimum control for creating customized commands.

It provides the liberty to create automatic commands for delivering and removing roles as well as sending messages in the current channel or DM.


Another notable feature of this bot is the welcome message and auto-role. The newcomers can be easily informed regarding the server rules, a variety of topics, or any special ongoing event.

The new members can also be given respective roles of simply a welcoming message.

Grinding is a favorite and popular habit of most gamers.

The leveling system of Mee6 points and identifies the most active members of the community and rewards them accordingly.

A well-designed customizable rank card becomes an asset and pride to be flaunted among the community.

Securing the first position on the leaderboard by acquiring the necessary points to gain the rank card becomes a dream of gamers.

After such prized members reach a targeted goal, they are automatically given certain special privileges and tasks for better improvement.

The moderation of the Mee6 bot is extremely customizable for better protection of the server from unnecessary goblins and trolls.

The open platform of the internet is prone to danger. Proper protection of the server from unnecessary ads, links, a variety of emojis, and swearing is required.

The moderation system of the bot is easy-to-use and absolutely perfect for blocking such unnecessary interruptions.

Moreover, the efficiency of the system is such that it can also help the user in moderating the server as per the action and type of usage like the frequency of the number of infractions or fine-tuning the necessary actions with timers.

No manual muting or unbanning people is required with Mee6. This automated system does all these jobs for every individual user.

As soon as a popular Twitch streamer goes live, alerts can be easily sent to the Discord server.

Similar alerts can be sent when any new video is uploaded on Youtube or there is any new subreddit post.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Easy-to-use, interactive, simple, and attractive dashboard

The users are highly satisfied with the performance of Mee6 o the whole.


Nightbot is a specially designed chatbot, suitable mainly for YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

This bot allows the user to automate the live stream’s chat with perfect moderation and more entertainment for the viewers.

The dashboard of the bot gives a deep insight into the chat thus allowing us to identify the top chatters, commands, and many more in a matter of seconds.

The bot is always online and therefore, always ready to go. It possesses no problems regarding downloads or servers.

Nightbot discord bot

The default setting of Nightbot deserves special mention.

But, despite that, the users are allowed to fine-tune every single feature as per their individual choice.

Nightbot can automatically remove numerous types of spam. The spam detection system is continually upgraded to outrank the spammers.

The sharing of promotional links and dynamic answers to recurrent repetitive questions can be deftly handled with ease with the help of Nightbot.

Along with this, the chat logs are 100% searchable.

The reason behind any deletion of any message or blocking of a particular contact can also be detected and tracked easily.

Some of the noticeable additional features of Nightbot include the allowance of song requests.

The viewers are given the freedom to choose which songs will play on the stream.

They can choose their favorite tunes from SoundCloud or YouTube or there will be a readymade playlist available.

The Giveaway system detects lucky viewers and is accordingly rewarded.

The tuned timer automatically posts the necessary messages and notifications to chat during the interval.

This is a common practice for social media promotion. Particular automated commercials or any other commands can also be run on timers.

The loyal viewers are granted more permission with special exemption from spam filters and better access to more varied commands.

There are multiple variables of commands and timers. Moreover, the API is also quite vast and extensive.


  • Easy to install
  • An easy-to-use user-friendly bot with multiple customizable features

The users are satisfied with the performance of Nightbot.


This particular discord bot is especially noted for its waifu generator.

Another highlight of this bot is the presence of the Pokemon Rocket Casino along with several other funny add-on features.

The appearance of Mudae is that of Yuki Nagato in the famous Haruhi Suzumiya series.

It only accepts commands which are prefixed by the symbol of ”$”.


Other important features of this particular bot include customization of the user profiles based on the needs and preferences of the users; unlocking the achievements of the users and members of the community; interaction through the unique marriage system and also earn experience points and rewards and currencies through online games like blackjack.

This bot spices up the Discord server to a great extent.

To get the premium version for maximum fun, one requires to type the command $patreon in Discord along with the bot.

It will send a link in the respective chat and take the user to Mudae’s Patreon page from where the premium selection can be made.

After that, the user will be notified in a channel inside the Mudae World Discord server regarding successful activation.

For creating multiple wishes on Mudae, one needs to separate one wish from another by the symbol $wishdm to be mentioned in DM to make the wishlist private.

The command $wishdel is used to add any character to an individual wishlist and make the bot eligible to autodelete the wish command.

There are currently over 42,000 game/anime characters to claim, fight or customize, catch Pokemon, play original multiplayer games, and several other attractive features.

The system works as per the preference of the users.


  • Easy installation system and easy usage
  • Multiple highlighting features to attract more and more gamers

The users are addicted to the system of Mudae because of its several attractions.

Find out everything you need to know and how to get it at the website:


The Dyno bot is a bot that is enriched with multiple attractive features. It is a modular Discord bot, perfect for the Discord server.

It maintains a commendable listing service and offers users a fair list of servers, devoid of any prejudice or bias.

The list of Discord servers under Dyno includes Dozo.

It is a very interesting server. Because of its multiple unique features, it has gained popularity.

Nyxia Gaming is also a highlighting server under Dyno in the gaming community.

Marshal Does Discord is the Official Server for Marshal Does Stuff- a noted YouTuber with more than 400,000 subs.

The specific discord for the members of the Hill Climb Racing 2 clan; The Dutchman, is the Dutchman [HCR2]. This also comes under Dyno.

One of the most attractive servers of Dyno is Phantom Velocity.

Both the staff and members of this community are great. It contains hundreds of addictive games and other added features.

Artemis no Fansub is another dedicated server of Dyno. A very interesting server of the PUBG pro clan is Novaking, another highlight of Dyno.

Other important servers include LycosOnGamin; by; UwuLobby, a community especially noted for its friendliness; Epoch; Star Wars Unleashed.

Apart from all these, there are several other servers, based on the preference of the contemporary gaming community.

The server moderation of this Discord bot is entirely customizable and possesses a unique, interactive, simple, and intuitive dashboard. Server management has become a lot easier with the advent of Dyno.

The chief features of Dyno are a configurable, feature-enriched dashboard that allows the user to enable, disable, or configure everything, as per requirement.

Dyno is also a major Discord music bot with playlists, DJ roles, and other associated features.

The auto-moderation/anti-spam features are entirely configurable and loaded with mod logs, timed bans, and mutes.

Apart from these, there are announcements, auto roles, joinable ranks, custom commands, reminders, AFK status, etc.


  • Easy to download, install and join
  • The unique customizable, configurable, intuitive, interactive dashboard

The users are highly satisfied with the features of this discord bot Dyno.


This discord bot Guilded deftly upgrades the group chatting experience and also equips the server with several integrated event calendars, and forums. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

Guilded is the best way to build, rebuild, and organize gaming teams and communities.

The bot will punctually notify all the members of the community once it is fed with any particular calendar event created for the community.


It will not only notify the team members but will also ask for RSVPs.

Guilded best synchronizes the activities between the Guilded communities and their Discord servers thereby providing an uninterrupted communication experience amongst the team members thus increasing the possibilities of recruitment and scheduling.

If the Discord users do not have a Guilded team, the Guilded bot will automatically generate one for their benefit.

This is the only Discord bot that considers teams. The Overwatch players can be notified on their respective channels when they receive any new team member application or alerts for some specific upcoming events, competitions, or matches, without leaving the server.


  • The attractive new feature of the g leaderboard command shows the top-rated players of the community in a stylized manner
  • Extremely user-friendly, customizable, and interactive

All the features combinedly contribute to the success of this particular bot.

Dank Memer

Among the gaming and chatting community, the Dank Memer discord bot is a hot favorite meme/currency bot.

It has over 100meme commands, several of them, specializing in helping the user to create their own memes.

Moreover, Dank Memer has one of the funniest and most extremely unique currency systems among any Discord bots.


Fun features like gambling, bank robbery, and stealing are possible with this along with several other funny activities.

This has been specifically articulated for creating funny memes in particular.

It does all that any other multipurpose bot is capable of doing, but with much better efficiency and in a more stylistically sarcastic manner.

It is a top-graded Meme bot, music bot, moderation bot, currency bot, and manipulation bot all combined in one.

Dank Meme is perfectly secure because it does not virtually log in to any data except for bug detection.

Then also, no specific command runners are searched for because of the privacy policy.

The “pls Prestige” command deleted all the inventory and ranks the bank to 0, coin collection to 0, and level, back to 1.

For each prestige, it will showcase a particular prestige icon on the user’s profile.

Some of the best commands of Dank Memer remain reserved for Patreon supporters.


  • The dankest among all the bots particularly in terms of meme-making
  • Unique, customizable, user-friendly, interactive bot

Because of its funny highlights, Dank Memer has gained immense popularity among online communities.


Donatebot is a unique Discord bot that allows the Discord server owners to accept donations from the server members in exchange for server roles.

The users can donate using PayPal and the server owners can instantly withdraw using their own PayPal. There is no delay in payment or acceptance of payment.

It is a simple online management panel that requires no coding. It is absolutely free for the server owners.

donate bot

Donatebot has made the process of making money through server operation much simple and easy.

If any member is interested in showing his love and appreciation for any particular server through monetary means, he should just simply type “donate” into the chat.

After this, he is taken to the panel where he can choose his desired role and pay through PayPal.

It does not stop here. By using the public checkout link, each member can now pay the Discord server owner, without any charges or fees to the seller.

The DonateBot panel provides them with the opportunity to showcase which roles they are offering, the cost, and also what PayPal they desired to be paid.


  • The Discord bot is designed for donation to the server owners in a matter of minutes in exchange for server roles
  • Easy to use for both the members as well as the server owners
  • Currently free for buyers and sellers alike


  • Plans on charging a token fee on the buyer’s end in future

This is the only Discord bot that allows the server owners to make money through their servers. This unique feature has popularized the bot to a large extent.


This is an adaptable and multipurpose discord bot.

Aethex consists of utility commands, comprehensive moderation commands, music commands, and multiple other fun commands.


It is highly noticed for its level-based social system and reputation system for increased engagement and keeping the users hooked up.


  • Interactive, adaptable, multipurpose Discord bot
  • Extremely attractive and user-friendly

Aethex Discord bot possesses the capacity to keep the users actively engaged and that is the principal highlight of its success.


Vexera is considered to be the best musical bot currently available in the market. It supports multiple sources like Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and several more.

It is a very popular bot, currently used by more than 300,000 discord servers. It is free and of an extremely high standard.

Vexera is 99% uptime and is very easy to use.

There are several moderation commands like kick, ban, soft ban, voice kick, and mute for easy usage of the users.


It automatically applies roles to the respective users as soon as they join the community or when they request a specific command.

There is a range of fun and mischievous commands including +dog and +cat.

The advanced permission feature specifies the respective roles of the individual user regarding advanced permission.

The locale support is also a major turning factor for the success of the bot. the greeting feature of Vexera is also liked across the communities.


  • One of the most popular, sleek, free, easy-to-use, seamless music Discord
  • Entirely configurable and armed with multiple image and meme manipulation commands
  • Automatic, easy set-up, taking little or no effort

All the above-mentioned features, combinedly contribute to the success of Vexera.


It is an extremely attractive bot among Pokemon gamers.

It provides gamers with the opportunity to catch, level up, and combat their fave Pokemon in a much more attractive yet simplistic and playful manner.


It is currently one of the best Discord bots to be added to any online gaming community.

As soon as the bot is added to the server, the wild Pokemon will start appearing randomly while chatting.

The competition is to catch more of it and build a good collection to outrank other players.

Once it is done, the next phase is to train up the best Pokemon in the collection for battle.

If any of the favorite Pokemon is absent in the collection, it can be easily traded within the community.

This Discord community is active across 160,000+ servers.


  • Easy to install and join
  • Extremely attractive with multiple stylized yet simple features.

Widely popular among the gaming community, Pokecord is currently one of the best Discord bots in use.


It is one of the chief musical Discord bots which delivers high-standard audio among millions of servers across the globe.


The audio sources range from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Mixer.

It also offers free volume control. Octave was formerly known as “Gnar”.

Octave is richly packed with several dank memes and other attractive and funny features.

Although under contemporary circumstances, music bots have become expensive, the case is different from the Octave.

It provides a premium experience to the servers without any extra charge or cost.

Some of the most notable features of Octave are bass boosting; a few already prepared radio stations, without the need for any queue, and of course, an easy-to-use DJ system.


  • Simple and easy to use a premium musical bot
  • Maintains high standards supporting several audio sources together

The users are extremely satisfied with the performance of this particular musical bot.


This is a specially articulated bot for a fun-filled all-around experience including fun, admin, marriage, leveling, and achievements.

It has made chatting more exciting through specific utilities and proper gamification.


This comprehensive Discord community bot allows the users to customize their profiles, enhances community interactions through the marriage system, unlocks phase-wise achievements, and also helps them to earn rewards, money, and experience points through games like blackjack.

Whenever any message is sent, the user will receive bonus points and climb up the ladder of the leaderboard. Daily bonus collection can earn coins and currency rewards.

Based on the preferences of the members of the gaming community, Miki is constantly upgrading its features to meet up the demands.

Miki can be translated into several languages. The new reminder feature has recently been added to the bot.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps maintaining high standard services

Because of its quality, Miki has won the hearts of millions across the worldwide online gaming community.

Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons is more of a code-controlled user that responds according to the respective commands it has been fed with.

It never loses any progress and stores all the character information of any individual user in its central base.

The user can continue playing from where he left off.

The chief features of this bot include online play.

As this is a Discord bot, the user can play from anywhere—browser, desktop, or smartphone.

Discord Dungeons

The contents are upgraded regularly so that the entertainment never stops.

Moreover, the databases are perfectly secured do not lose any important info or data, and always keep necessary backups.

Although this is majorly a single-player experience, the fun can be shared with others.

The skills like woodcutting, fishing, foraging, or mining can be used.

Trading is possible with this Discord. Moreover, the settings are entirely customizable.

The current statistics show that 536,575 players are playing connected to 66,267 servers globally.

Getting started with Discord Dungeons is just a matter of minutes.


  • Simple, interactive dashboard
  • Maintains perfect security without hampering the fun of the game

The users rank the bot pretty highly in the current age.


Zerotwo is specifically noted for its personalizing features. It customizes the user profiles, music, economy, and unique card game. The auto role of the bot needs special mention.

This Discord bot is built on the KhalsaJS bot framework and is based on the popular series Darling in the FranXX.


The major features of the bot include dictionary command, trivia command, moderation command, Wiki command, and music commands for seamless streaming along with pause, autoplay, and loop. Invitations are also possible.

The major functions of Zerotwo are role management, profile customization, prefix customization, games, music, roleplay as well as memes.


  • Simple and easy to install and use
  • Provides high-quality experience

The users are extremely satisfied with the performance of the bot.

Apex Predator

Apex Predator is a simplistic bot specifically articulated to record and refer to the real-time stats of Apex Legends.

Apex predator

It has been designed by the Apex player community for the benefit of the community members with the basic objective of making the Apex experience more enriched and enjoyable.


  • Easy to use
  • Interactive to maintain interest among the community members

Such simplistic interactive features have been the cause of the success of this particular Discord bot.

Final Words

With the above list, you can find the best discord bots, and through an in-depth understanding and knowledge about these bots from our article, you can easily find the one most suitable for your purposes and make a wise and appropriate choice while opting for one of the best discord bots.

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While several products are available in the market, user preferences and requirements vary from person to person, and therefore, it becomes important to choose the right bot when looking for one.

Discord bots are used for a variety of purposes all throughout the gaming community and it is no surprise that most people are pretty choosy when opting for one.

With this list, your search for the best and most suitable discord bot becomes seamless, convenient, and time-efficient.