How to Check Verizon Port Status?

If you have requested for port from your current mobile carrier to Verizon for any reason and wondering how to check Verizon port status, this post is for you. In today’s post, I’ll discuss this topic in detail including other relevant topics that will help you ensure smooth porting from your current carrier to Verizon.

By checking Verizon port status, you will understand the steps this process takes to transfer your mobile number to Verizon Wireless.

During this process, your mobile number will not stop and it will work until the porting process is completed.

How many days/hours it takes, what messages you will be receiving as the porting process goes on, and what further steps (if requested) do you need to take are the kinds of questions that come to our mind.

Don’t worry, I’ll discuss everything in this post.

How to Check Verizon Port Status?

The porting process takes from 2 hours to 24 hours to complete provided there is no issue with our current mobile carrier or any technical glitch during the transfer process.

Verizon Port Status

The process may get delayed if you have problems with your account such as unpaid dues.

So make sure you don’t have any unpaid bills before you start the port process.

However, if you have everything good, keeping track of Verizon Port status will help you ensure the process is going smoothly.

There are different ways you can check Verizon Port Status:

  • Via SMS.
  • Online – Using their website.
  • Offline – By calling their customer support.

> Check Verizon Port Status Online

This is the easiest way to check Verizon port status and my favorite too.

When you initiate a Verizon port request, you receive a couple of SMS from Verizon confirming the initiation of the porting process and a link to check the porting request status.

You just have to click the link in SMS and it will display the porting status.

> Check Verizon Port Status Online

Checking Verizon Port Status online is a convenient method to get porting request status.

It can be done through the Verizon website by providing your mobile number and other crucial information such as PIN/ Password.

However, the Verizon port status will be available only if Verizon has approved your porting request.

If you are checking the status before Verizon approval, you probably may not see the status.

> Check Verizon Port Status By Calling Customer support

If the above two methods don’t work for any reason, it is best to call Verizon Customer Support to know the porting status.

You can either them over the phone and give account information to get the porting status or choose the chat option that will help you know the status.

Understand Porting Process

I just moved to this new location but my mobile network sucks at this location and surrounding areas.

I sometimes have to move away from my house location to get the network and make calls.

Thanks to the Port option! It helped me solve this problem.

Yes, I decided to transfer my phone number from my current provider to Verizon Wireless, It works tremendously.

I believe I am not the only one facing this issue. There are many of us reporting this problem.

Here is the porting process in brief if you are wondering how it works!

Initiate Verizon Porting Process

You’ll have to start the Verizon porting process either through their website, customer support, or through visiting their physical store.

Switch to Verizon

You’ll have to provide your current carrier account details and the information for your new Verizon account.

This way the process will get initiated and Verizon will verify the details provided.

Get Approved by Verizon

After giving all the required information and verification of the details provided, Verizon will go ahead and approve your request for porting.

During this time, you will continue to receive calls using your old mobile carrier. So, do not cancel your old carrier until the process is completed.

Porting to Verizon Started

After the request is approved by Verizon, the porting process will start.

During this phase, the Verizon network will coordinate with your current carrier and schedule a date for Porting.

You can check Verizon Port Status to ensure the process is going smoothly.

Port Process Completion

On the scheduled date & time, Verizon will complete the port process and then you will start receiving calls using Verizon Wireless networks.

Once, the process is completed, you may deactivate your old mobile carrier to avoid further billing by them.

How long does the Verizon Port Process Take?

Verizon Porting is a process of transferring your mobile number from your current mobile carrier to the Verizon network without losing the phone number.

How long the process takes, depends on how your old mobile carrier responds to your Verizon porting request and when you have placed the port request.

However, the average port for mobile number and landline are given below

Mobile Number – Generally, it takes 2 hours to 24 hours for the port process to complete provided there is no problem with your current carrier.

The process may take beyond 24 hours in case of a technical glitch with networks during the transfer process.

Landline Number – Porting of landline numbers takes a little longer than mobile numbers. If everything is good, the landline number porting process can take 2 to 10 working days.

Is there any porting fee that Verizon Charges?

Switching to the Verizon network is an easy process and Verizon doesn’t charge any fee for porting. In fact, I do not think any mobile carrier charges.

However, you’ll have to clear all your unpaid dues on your mobile number including the unpaid balance amount for the device you probably have purchased with your current mobile carrier.

What is delaying the Verizon Port process?

The Verizon port process is quite simple and easy and if everything goes right, it doesn’t take any long.

The mobile number port request takes 2 hours to 24 hours and the landline number takes 2 -10 days business days.

However, the process may get delayed due to several reasons such as unpaid mobile bills and, the balance amount for the device you have purchased from your current mobile carrier.

The other reason could be a technical problem with the current or new mobile network during the porting process.

Hence, it is always advisable to check Verizon port status regularly to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Click the tracking link you have received through SMS to check the status and if you see any problem, you need to call their customer support to get the issue resolved so that porting process can be expedited.

Benefits of Checking Verizon Port Status

Verizon’s porting process is a several-step process starting from initiating the port process to getting it completed.

During that process, if anything goes wrong, you won’t know about it until you check the port status.

So the most important thing for checking Verizon port status is to ensure the transfer process is going smoothly and you get it done as quickly as possible.

Why do People port their mobile numbers?

Different people can have different reasons. While some people have moved to a location where the current mobile carrier networks are not good, others simply don’t get proper networks at their home location.

Some people may find other mobile carrier’s plans attractive as compared to their current carrier.

I moved to Verizon because they offered me a good mobile data plan as I travel a lot and use the internet aggressively to watch YouTube videos and update my blog from different locations with pictures of the places I am going to.


Checking Verizon port status is very important to ensure the smooth transfer of your mobile number from your current carrier to Verizon networks.

It can be checked through the link received in SMS when the porting request was made.

The other way to check the status is to contact customer support or use their official website if Verizon has approved your transfer request. Customer support is useful for other services such as MyFios app etc.