Fix Roblox Error Code:429, Authentication failed

Roblox Error Code:429, Authentication failed is a common error that people may come across while playing games through Roblox games as well Roblox Studio.

No matter what, if you are sending repeated and frequent requests to the Roblox server, you are likely to see this error.

It is actually an HTTP server status error code that refers to the exceeded server request limit rate beyond which you will be shown Error code 429.

The developers do that to maintain the integrity, stability, and performance of the server so that all the users can enjoy this multi-player gaming platform without any problem.

In this post we will learn the exact cause of this error, how could we avoid it in the first place, and how to get rid of it

What Causes Roblox Error Code:429, Authentication Failed

As I already hinted above this Roblox Error code:429 is caused due to the frequent requests being sent to their servers.

Roblox has a pre-defined request rate limit that the Roblox server can entertain within a specific period of time.

Once you reach this limit, you will be thrown an Authentication Error, Roblox Error:429 and you will not be able to play or edit any game.

Roblox error code 429

You can cross the request rate limit in various ways such as if your internet connection is unstable and getting on/off frequently, it will send repeated connection requests to the Roblox server, or if you are intentionally sending too many requests to the server.

You may see Roblox error code 429 if there is any problem with the Roblox server or if your IP is red-flagged by Roblox.

The browser extension, cookies & cache files may also act as a barrier as well.

How to Fix “Authentication Failed” Roblox Error code:429

Authentication Failed means you are not authorized to log in to the Roblox server at the moment.

Something has ruled out your credentials required to initiate the service. The possible reasons for the same have been discussed above.

In this section, we will try some potential fixes for this error and hope to get rid of Roblox Error code:429.

1- Check Roblox Server Status Quickly

Whenever you encounter any error while logging into the Roblox server or while playing a game, the first thing you should do is check their server status.

The Roblox Server Status page shows whether all the systems are operational or if there are outrages with any of the servers.

You can check the Roblox server status by typing “Roblox server status” in Google and checking out the very first link.

If you are too lazy to do that, Click here to go to the status page directly.

If you see all the systems operational, its time to try out the solutions.


2- Check your Internet connection for stability

For the Roblox game, a reliable & stable Internet connection is of utmost importance.

If your internet is stable and getting on/off because of any problem, your PC will keep sending repeated requests to the Roblox server very quickly will trigger the server request rate limit, and eventually cause Roblox Error code:429

Hence, it is very important to check your internet connection for reliability and stability. If it doesn’t work fine, get it fixed first by your ISP.

You can check the internet connection by using

Run the test a few times to see the average internet speed. If the results show huge fluctuations, it means there is a problem with your internet connection, and if it remains the same with slight fluctuations, there is no problem.

3- Keep requests within limits

To avoid this error in the first place, make sure to restrict your server request rate limit within the allowed limits.

Do not send multiple requests very frequently and avoid connecting over and over again. It sends a negative signal to the server that triggers Roblox Error Code 429.

Stretch the server request rate to a longer duration so that it doesn’t put an extra load on the server.

4- Repair Roblox

Repair the Roblox installation once and check if the problem is resolved.

Sometimes if you have run a virus scan on your PC or cleaned system files as a part of the system clean-up process, it also deletes some important files that stop various apps from functioning as they intend to.

So if you have recently gone through any of these processes, chances are the Roblox files were deleted or corrupted.

To do that.

  1. Go to Windows Search from the Start Menu.
  2. Type “Roblox” in the search box.
  3. Right-click the app and select “App Settings”
  4. Select “Repair” and let the system repair the app.
  5. Close all tabs/windows and start the Roblox app to see if the error is fixed.

5- Reset Roblox

Sometimes Reset Roblox works better than Repairing the app.

When you reset the Roblox app, it will clean the stored files that probably causing Error code 429 error and fix this problem easily.

To Reset the Roblox app, do this.

  1. Go to the Start Menu.
  2. Type “Roblox” in the search window.
  3. Right-click the Roblox App and go to “App Settings
  4. Click “Reset” and let the process get completed.
  5. Close all windows and relaunch the game to see if the problem persists.

6- Change DNS Settings

DNS plays an important role when you try to open a particular website.

We type the website URL in the browser and DNS resolves the URL display of the website.

If the ISP-provided DNS isn’t working well, you may face accessing the website.

The same thing can happen here if you are accessing Roblox through their website.

Changing DNS to the one that working fine may resolve this issue. Google DNS is the most reliable, fast, and trusted DNS and we will use it.

Here is how you can change DNS settings.

Step 1- Click the Start Menu and type “Network and Intenet” and then Select it.

Step 2- Now go to “Network and Sharing Center

Step 3- Right-click the network you are currently connected with and select “Properties

Step 4- Highlight “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties


Step 5- Choose “Use the following DNS Server addresses


Step 6- Type in the Preferred DNS server and in the Alternate DNS server.

Step 7- Click Save, close all the tabs, and launch the Roblox app to see if the issue is fixed.

7- Clear Browser Cookies & Cache

Clear browser cookies and cache if that fixes the problem. The bad cache and cookies file may cause serious issues.

The cookies are small files that are stored in a browser when you access any website so that next time, it loads faster which eventually improves user experience.

If they get corrupted, you are likely to see various errors such as Roblox Error code 403, error while starting Roblox, etc.

To delete browser cookies and cache files, do this.

  1. Click three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Go to “More Tools
  3. Select “Clear Browsing Data
  4. Select Time Range from the “Basic” Tab. Choose “All Time
  5. Tick checkboxes related to History, Cookies & Cache files
  6. Click “Clear Data
  7. Close the browser and launch it again.
delete cookies

Try the game now.

8- Disable Browser Extensions

While browser extensions are useful, they may pose various problems at times.

Some of the conflicting browser extensions may cause web-based applications to work unusually.

Disabling the culprit extension may fix the problem.

Here is how to disable the browser extension.

  1. Click three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Go to “More Tools
  3. Select “Extensions“, it will display all the extensions installed.
  4. To disable/remove the extension use the sliding button or remove button.

Close the browser and start again.

9- Repair System Corrupt Files

If you have recently installed or uninstalled some big program on your PC or if you have run a malware scan & deleted some of the infected files, the chances are, that it may have corrupted the core system files as well.

If that happened, you see apps like Roblox not working fine and throwing errors like Roblox error code 429

Run the system scan and fix corrupt files that may fix Roblox errors. To run a scan, do this.

  • Click the Start Menu and type “cmd” in the search box.
  • Right-click the cmd app and run it as administrator.
  • Enter the command “SFC/scannow” and hit enter.
  • Let the system scan completed.
  • Close the cmd command prompt and check if Roblox error code 429 is gone.