Best Free AARP Games Online for People Age 50 & Above

When it comes to games for seniors or people aged 50 and above, the AARP Games, one of the initiatives by is the most preferred place for online gaming.

Games help us refresh our minds, enhance intellectual power, and develop skills for solving problems.

Not just that, some of the games also help us relax our mind.

If you are age 50 or above and looking for the best AARP games at, I am going to share some in this post that will not only keep you engaged for hours but will help you develop new skills.

And, needless to say, it is a great source of entertainment as well when you are bored and looking for stuff to do.

There are plenty of free online AARP Games available on their website such as board games, arcade, word, puzzle, brain twister & card games.

AARP games are a great time pass if you have a lot of idle time since you retired from work or may be taking a break.

What is

Needless to say, is one of the greatest places that help Americans aged 50 and above who are more than 100 million in number to get financial security, social security, health security, stop scams and frauds against such people, etc.

It has headquarter in Washington DC along with 50 offices across the different states of the whole country to assist people aged 50 & above from these states about the said matters.

Not just that, AARP helps fight age discrimination at the workplace, and affordable housing for aged 50+ people. is a kind of similar website as for Roblox. helps you play Roblox without downloading the game on your computer.

What Are AARP Games?

AARP Games are free online games that are available on AARP’s official website for senior Americans as a source of entertainment.

There are plenty of good games that can keep them engaged for hours or help relax them.

There are many gaming categories people can choose such as Card Games, puzzles, Word, and Strategy games.

AARP Games

Among these Chess, Solitaire, Mahjohgg, Jigsaw, Jewel Shuffle are some of the most famous AARP games online that are available for free.

Not just that the multiplayer games are more exciting where one user can compete against the other with whom they are currently playing the game.

According to the survey conducted by AARP to learn the gaming habits of senior American gamers, the majority of AARP gamers love to play games on their mobile phone.

It is also noticed that puzzle & logic games are the popular choice followed by card, word, and brain games.

This survey also reveals that senior gamers play AARP games mainly for fun and to relax their mind.

The Best Free Online AARP Games

AARP serves more than 1 million senior Americans across the nation and provides them with a lot of good service.

It includes offering them exciting and entertaining games as well.

If you are wondering what the best online AARP games that are available for free, here is the list along with how they can entertain seniors.

AARP Mahjongg

Mahjohngg which is also called Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that has been around for hundreds of years and still continues its charm.

The game was mainly popular in Asia but it has gained great popularity in the United States as well due to the added features of the game’s online variants.

The main reason why it is becoming so popular is that it is a relaxing game that requires you to use your mind strategically to match the pairs of tiles to clear the board.

MahjonGG game

It needs you to exercise your mental presence and concentration power to clear the states making it a relaxing yet mental-stimulating game.

This tile-based game was created during the early years of the 19th century in China and became popular around the world in the 20th century. This game is mainly played among four players.

There are more than 10+ varieties of AARP Mahjongg available on AARP games and all of them require an attentive mind, problem-solving skills, and the ability to perform within a specified time frame.

The AARP gamers like this game because it is a simple, easy-to-learn game. One can play for free or use real money if your pocket allows.

Its ability to play against other Mahjongg’ers online in real time is one of the interesting things about the AARP Mahjongg Game.

AARP Chess

Chess has been played for thousands of years. Even during ancient times, it was a popular game as it required a strategic mind, problem-solving skills, and the ability to predict an opponent’s move in order to win the game.

This timeless strategic board game is widely popular all around the world.

On the AARP website, it can be played against a virtual opponent- a computer and the player has to eight difficult levels in order to win the game.

Chess AARP

The AARP Chess game can be played on the computer as well as on the mobile phone.

It means you can continue playing your favorite game even while traveling.

While Chess is played between two real players, in AARP games, the computer will act as an opponent.

It means you will have someone to play against even if you don’t have someone against you in real.

AARP Solitaire

AARP Solitaire is one of the widely popular games and it is a favorite game for all people.

It is more popular among senior Americans and AARP has included this game on their website so that people aged 50 can have an entertaining time.

It requires you to arrange cards from a deck of 52 cards on a plain surface in a pattern that is pre-defined to win the level of the game.


It is a simple & straightforward game and doesn’t have any time constraints to finish the level.

You can take your own time to think before playing your move. Its simplicity makes it the best choice for AARP gamers.

I remember the days when Windows OS used to come with Solitaire pre-installed but today you can play this game digitally in AARP games.

Back in the day, it was available for computers only, but today, you can play Solitaire on mobile phones as well.

It means you are carrying the game along with you wherever you travel.

Word Games

If you are a good problem-solver and love to play around with words, AARP’s collection of word games is the section you should immediately check out.

They have many great word games under this category and games like AARP Crossword, Mini Crossword, Outspell are some of the most famous AARP games

  • AARP Crossword

The AARP Crossword game needs good vocabulary and comprehension skills in order to pass different levels. The game starts to become harder as you pass the levels.

Every new level poses a new challenge for the player.

  • AARP Mini Crossword

Mini crossword is yet another nice word game that is ideal for kids and adults.

This mini crossword game is a quick time pass during the break or while waiting at the airport for your flight.

mini crossword

All you have to head over to the AARP Games website and you will see a mini crossword among the top three popular games under the word games category.

It is an easy puzzle game that can be finished within a few minutes.

  • AARP Outspell

Outspell is yet another great word game that is available on AARP. It requires you to make as many words as you can to fill the board.

Outspell AARP game

It helps you make your vocabulary stronger and improve it by learning new words to complete the game.

This game is quite successful in keeping you entertained for hours.

When you start this game, it asks for the difficulty level of the game you want to go for.

If you are a beginner, you can choose Easy and the experienced gamers can go for Hard level.

AARP Jewel Shuffle

Jewel Shuffle is a very easy and entertaining AARP game. One just needs to arrange three consecutive hues together in any direction to make them disappear. The gems can be matched diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

Whenever you arrange three gems successfully it gets busted and you are awarded the points.

Jewel Shuffle

Not just three gems, you can try to match four games as well which gives you additional points but that is not so easy.

You have to use the circled diamonds to drag other gems to make a match of four gems.

It is a great time pass and source of entertainment available for 100 million senior Americans at website for free.

So if you are looking for an easy, free AARP game online, this is the one you should go for.

Arcade Games

If you are among seniors who like fast-paced action games, you should check out this category.

Such games require you to move your fingers faster, take quick action, and have sharp eye reflexes to win the games.

AARP arcade games

Unlike other games like Chess or word games, you need to be a fast decision-maker.

These games are popular among young people but the AARP survey reveals that arcade games are also becoming famous among Americans aged 50 and above.

Other Interesting Online Games to Play At The AARP Games Website

  • 2048
  • AARP 10X10
  • 9 ball pool
  • Daily Crossword
  • Jigsaw
  • Snake
  • Pathfinder
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Sudoku
  • Tic Tac Toe

and other Atari Retro, Trivia, and Strategy games.

Is there an AARP Games App Available?

Currently, there is no iOS or Android app available for AARP games but that doesn’t mean you can not play these games on your mobile devices.

AAPR games are browser-based games and don’t require a standalone mobile app to play the games. You can play free games online at AARP Games.

It supports all the major browsers on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to go launch the browser on your phone and click the game you want to play.

It takes a few seconds to load the game and you will be ready to play one of your choice.