What Does The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out At Walmart Mean?

If you have been a fan of making online purchases through Walmart, you have surely left an unbiased review on their platform so that the other people who are willing to buy the product could know about it. However recently, the customers are facing Why “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?” error while submitting their honest review.

This error restricts the user from posting their feedback for the product as well as for the seller.

It can be very frustrating when you write a whole long review detailing everything right from your several days of experience with it, the quality, the durability, etc and when you click the submit button, it throws you the error.

Why Does The Message “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?’ Pops Up While Leaving Review on Walmart?

Reviews help people make an informed decision but while being helpful for the buyers, the scammer takes advantage of these features to dupe potential innocent buyers.

In general, be it any online marketplace such as Walmart, Target, JCPenny, Home Dept, Amazon, etc, the buyers take a look at the review section that helps to understand whether the product they are going to purchase is a good product or not.

The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?

So the reviews influence the buyer to make their decision.

The more the positive review, the better the product, and vice versa.

The scammer or the companies trying to promote their products know the importance of having good reviews.

Walmart, one of the biggest retail chains in the US recently learned how people taking advantage of this feature and posting fake reviews, even about that product which they have never purchased.

In fact, if you check out online gig websites such as Google, Craigslist, Upwork, Facebook Groups, and Fiverr, there are a lot of sellers who are offering services regarding leaving reviews on these retailers’ websites.

Not just the service providers, I have seen a lot of company owners/employees posting projects to get reviews on Walmart, and Amazon for their products so that they could create a positive image about the product and the seller that eventually helps them make more sales.

Cnet has talked about how to spot fake reviews on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

They have also mentioned that about 50% of reviews on Walmart are fake citing a report from fakespot.com

To combat the fake reviewers, Walmart has put a system in place that restricts everyone who doesn’t follow their guidelines to leave a review on Walmart.

And, if you don’t follow these guidelines, you are going to get a “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?” message, no matter if you are a real buyer and leaving an unbiased review.

How to Avoid the User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out Problem at Walmart?

First thing first, if you haven’t purchased the product, you will not be allowed to leave a review.

No trick will work anymore. Gone are the days for the con artists who try to dupe or trick innocent buyers.

Walmart has put a system in place to scrutinize each review before publishing it on its platform.

While it is a great step towards combating fake reviews, the real buyers who want to post their real unbiased reviews about the product and the seller may get demotivated.

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Now the buyer who has made a purchase will receive an e-mail from Walmart several weeks after the purchase containing a link to leave a review about the product and the buyer.

Until you don’t receive the e-mail from Walmart, you will not be able to leave the review.

So what you can do to avoid this error is to not post the review as yet.

Wait, till Walmart sends you an e-mail following your purchase, and use the link given in that e-mail if you want to post a review.

Like I said the e-mail will be sent out to the customer after a few weeks giving them enough time to use the product and know its pros and cons.

Technical Glitch

Some people have also been complaining about not being able to leave the review and getting the “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?” error even after they click the review link in their email.

Some other people facing the same problem while trying to submit product reviews by clicking the button from their profile following a purchase.

So when the purchase is confirmed, why the user isn’t able to leave the review? That’s a big question that the Walmart has to address.

However, Walmart is a big website and the administrators keep on updating the website adding new features and functionality.

Any technical glitch may cause various errors and “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?” can be one of them.

If you face this problem while submitting a review, take a break and try again later. Maybe one day after.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

For the buyers who consider the reviews before making a purchase or choosing a seller, there are some ways to spot fake reviews.

  • Go to fakespot.com.
  • Select “Fakespot Analyzer” from the menu.
  • Copy the URL of the product enter it in the analyzer and hit “Analyze”
  • Allows it for some time before the process gets completed. Once the process is completed, it will give you a complete report about the reviews posted about the product.

Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can install the Fakespot Chrome extension that will filter out the fake reviews for you automatically.

If you have the extension installed, you will not have to go to the analyzer every time and enter the URL.

Last Words

Reviews are very important for the buyers to make an informed decision about selecting a product or the seller.

Obviously, if the product or seller has more negative reviews from the people who actually purchased the product, no one would buy that product and vice versa.

So while it’s a platform to help the buyers, some people use this platform to dupe innocent buyers, and controlling them is a real challenge for online marketplaces such as Walmart.

The company needs to take the matter seriously and put a system in place to combat this real problem.

Walmart seems to have implemented a system and sent buyers e-mails following their purchase to leave a review, not before that.

Those who are trying to post a review before receiving the official e-mail from Walmart get the “The User Trying To Submit Review Is Opted Out?” error.

So if you are a real buyer and want to leave a real unbiased review, don’t worry about the error.

Wait for the e-mail and you will be able to leave your feedback by clicking a link mentioned in the e-mail.