How To Fix WebChatGPT Extension Not Working

Google extensions like WebChatGPT add more functionality to ChatGPT by allowing it to connect with the internet and have access to additional sources to generate tailored responses. However, some users have reported problems with this extension. So if you are searching for solutions to fix the WebChatGPT extension not working issue, I have shared some workable methods to get rid of it.

ChatGPT is a versatile chatbot that responds to literally any query fed to it.

However, the responses generated are solely based on the datasets this chatbot is trained on.

ChatGPT is trained on data that consider 175 billion parameters however this dataset is insufficient to answer all the questions.

The developers know it and ChatGPT-4 is trained on larger datasets but considering the questions the users may ask ChatGPT could require access to the information that is not covered in the training.

fix Webchatgpt not working

To cope with this problem, ChatGPT Plugins and browser extensions come in handy.

By installing a browser extension like WeChatGPT, you allow ChatGPT to connect with the internet and fetch required information while generating responses.

Probable reasons Why WebChatGPT Extension Not Working

The reason for malfunctioning of WebChatGPT can be various and it may vary from one user to another.

For some users, it can be a browser issue and for others, it can be caused due to network problems or outdated extensions.

Here are some prominent causes

  • Network Problem

The extension wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet if the network connection is weak. It can happen due to weak Wi-Fi signals or a technical glitch from the ISP.

  • Outdated WebChatGPT Plugin

You can see problems with the WebChatGPT plugin if it is outdated. You must make sure that you have installed the updated version.

  • Outdated Browser

The user may encounter this problem due to outdated browsers as well. The outdated browser may not be able to communicate with the extension resulting in various problems.

  • Compatibility issue

It can happen because of a compatibility issue as well. If the browser is not compatible with the WebChatGPT extension because of any reason, it may not work well.

  • Extension conflict.

If you have several extensions installed in your browser, there is a high chance that other extensions are conflicting with the WebChatGPT extension.

How To Fix WebChatGPT Extension Not Working Problem

WebChatGPT extension is a great plugin if you want to add more functionality and generate tailored responses but it can become frustrating when it WebChatGPT extension doesn’t work.

I have shared some workable solutions to put this plugin to work again. Here are some ways to fix the WebChatGPT extension not working problem.

Check ChatGPT Server Status

The ChatGPT has millions of registered users and when a large chunk of users gets online at a particular period of time, the server may face outrages that result in slowing down ChatGPT performance or even stop it until the server gets back to working again.

To check the server status. Go to the ChatGPT Server Status page, and check if all the services are operational.

ChatGPT server status

If you see API, ChatGPT, Labs and Playground services are operational and still WebChatGPT is not working.

You can try the solutions I’ve shared in this post.

#1- Remove and Reinstall the Extension

The first thing you should do when WebChatGPT doesn’t work is to uninstall and re-install it.

By doing so, you can eliminate the elements that are causing the problem.

By reinstalling all the extensions files will be added again and probably resolve the WebChatGPT not working problem.

  • Click the three dots at the top-right side of the Chrome browser.
  • Go to “Extensions
  • Select “Manage Extensions
  • Go to the WebChatGPT extension and click “Remove
Remove chrome extension
install extension

Now login to ChatGPT and check if the problem is fixed. If not, try other solutions.

#2- Clear Browser Cache & Cookies Data

The browser cookies and cache files are very important elements of a web browser to deliver a good web-browsing experience.

The Cache and cookies data are stored in the browser’s memory whenever we open any website which helps in fast loading of the website on our next visits.

Since Cookies and Cached files are already stored, the website opens faster as compared to the first time.

Here is how to delete Chrome browser cookies & cache files.

  • Click the three dots at the top-right side of the Chrome browser.
  • Go to “Settings
  • Then click “Privacy and Security” from the left-hand side.
  • Select “Clear browsing data
  • From the “Basic” tab, select the range “All time” using the drop-down menu.
  • Tick all the checkboxes that are related to Cache and Cookies.
  • Click “Clear data
  • Close the browser and relaunch it.
  • Login to ChatGPT and check if WebChatGPT is working fine.

#3- Disable Conflicting Plugin

Some users have their Chrome browser full of extensions. While some extensions are good for improving productivity, others may become the cause of various problems.

conflicting plugin

The “WebChatGPT not working problem” can occur due to this extension’s conflict with other extensions that the user has installed.

  • To find the culprit extension, disable all of them and enable them one by one.
  • Remove the conflicting browser extension and relaunch the browser if required.
disable plugin

Check if the issue is resolved.

#4- Update your Browser

Check if there is any browser pending updates. Google keeps updating the Chrome browser to improve user experience.

By default, the updates are set to install automatically.

However, for some reason, if your Chrome browser is not updating automatically, try the manual method.

  • Click on the three dots at the top-right corner.
  • Go to “Help
  • Then select “About Google Chrome
  • It will check if there is any update pending or if your browser is updated to the latest version
  • Relaunch the browser after the update and check if the issue is fixed.
update chrome browser

#5- Check your Internet Connection

The ChatGPT and WebChatGPT, both require a reliable and consistent internet connection so that they can communicate comfortably.

The faulty network connection may lead to several other problems not just “WebChatGPT not working”

If your internet is having a problem, call your ISP and get it fixed.

Once the connection is fixed, the problem should be fixed as well.

#6- Try Other Browser

If the WebChatGPT is not working for you in the Chrome browser, try Firefox.

This extension is available for the Mozilla Firefox browser as well as an add-on.

Get this add-on added to the Firefox and check if that works.

  • Launch the Firefox browser.
  • Go to Firefox Add-ons and install WebChatGPT
  • Click on “Add” and the add-on will be added to the Firefox browser.
  • Login to ChatGPT and check if the problem is resolved.

An Alternative Method to Serve the Purpose that WebChatGPT intends to

If you have tried all the solutions and nothing seems to be working, you can try this alternative.

OpenAI has introduced a new beta feature & also Plug-ins that can be installed on ChatGPT easily.

There are plenty of great paid plugins available to serve different specific purposes.

Speaking of the alternative of WebChatGPT, there are many paid options available but if you are planning to pay to make ChatGPT use the internet, it has the built-in feature- Browse with Bing.

To use this feature, you must have to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber that costs $20. Update your plan and do this.

Follow these steps:

  • Login to ChatGPT
  • Go to “Settings” from the left-hand side menu.
  • Go to “Beta features”
  • Then toggle on “Browse with Bing
  • Go back to ChatGPT and select “ChatGPT-4
  • When you hover over ChatGPT-4, select “Browse with Bing
browse with bing

Now go back to ChatGPT and type your query.

Your ChatGPT is now enabled to use the internet which was the purpose of using the WebChatGPT.