How to Disable Google Generative AI Search Results

Do you see the Google Generative AI text on the top of the research results whenever you search for a keyword in Google? Are you wondering how it got enabled and how to disable it?

Or you have seen your friend considering Google Generative AI text while searching for something on Google and wondering how you can enable it on your PC/Computer as well?

If you have these questions in mind, sit along while I show how to disable Google Generative AI to stop AI-generated text from appearing on the top.

I will also talk about how to enable it as many people embrace this feature.

Some people like AI-generated text and consider it for their research while many others don’t trust the information and want to check out reliable sources.

AI has disrupted the whole world with its amazing ability to perform several duties on behalf of humans.

It became more prominent or a hot topic of discussion when OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022.

Early before, AI existed but a very small number of people were talking about it.

Generative AI

Immediately after the launch of ChatGPT, a lot of big companies such as Bing Search, Google, etc became active very quickly and launched their own AI-powered search tools to stay ahead in the race.

While Microsoft collaborated with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT in Bing Search after investing $10 billion in the company to form BingAI, Google launched its own AI-based Chatbot Bard to counter BingAI and other chatbots.

OpenAI is further empowering the ChatGPT enabling Internet access by using plugins. Although the plugins are in the beta phase.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to the creation of texts, images, videos, audio, and code in any programming language without coding knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence.

Generative AI is looking forward to revolutionizing the whole world by having it implemented in various leading industries to perform various tasks such as customer service, research, content creation for writers, videos for businesses, etc.

Google has implemented Generative AI technology in its search results to assist users in getting the information directly from the search result pages.

Whenever you search for any query, the AI-assisted text appears at the top of the search result page and the user doesn’t have to go to the websites to get the information.

There are plenty of other developers that are using Generative AI to their advantage. For example, midjourney, Character.AI has completely changed the way an image is created.

With just a description and a click of a button, you can generate literally any image.

That’s the magic of AI!

The coolest part is that all these images are unique in their way.

How to Disable Google Generative AI from Search Results

Google Generative AI doesn’t get enabled on its own and you wouldn’t see the AI-generated text on the top of search results until this feature is enabled.

So if you are seeing it whenever you search for any term, it means the feature is enabled.

To stop AI-assisted search results, you must have to disable the Google Generative AI feature.

Here are the steps.

#Step 1:- Open Chrome browser on your PC.

#Step 2:- Click the Search Labs icon at the top-right corner.

#Step 3:- You will see the SGE option is enabled and that’s why you have been seeing AI-assisted text at the top of search results.

To disable SGE, generative AI, tap the blue slider button and the feature will be turned off.

Disable SGE

#Step 4:- Go to Google again and search for something to check if the feature has been disabled.

How to Enable Google Generative AI from Search Results

Not everyone dislikes this feature, many others want to enable Google’s Generative AI feature so that they don’t have to open websites from the search results to get desired information.

This feature can be helpful as all the information is displayed on the search page itself.

Follow these steps to enable SGE, generative AI:

#Step 1:- Launch the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

#Step 2:- Click the “Search Labs” icon at the top-right corner.


#Step 3:- Click the grey slider button to enable SGE in search results.

SGE, generative AI

#Step 4:- The moment after the slider button is tapped, a popup screen will appear asking you to agree to the terms of use of the SGE feature. Accept the terms and the feature will be enabled.

Go to Google Search, type in the keyword, and check if the browser is ready to show AI-powered texts at the top.

To Summarize

Generative AI is a useful technology and it is rapidly being adopted in businesses to streamline repeated tasks, customer support, and content generation be it text, image, or videos and a lot of other things.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an interesting feature that has been added to have AI-generated text in the search results based on your search query.

The AI-assisted texts appear on the top of search result pages if you have the SGE feature enabled.

However, some people don’t like AI-assisted information and want to disable Google Generative AI from search result pages. It can be disabled from Search Labs easily.