How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing Issue

With over One Billion users worldwide, Snapchat is one of the famous and trending social media apps. Whether you want to share your photos with your friends or you want to share your exciting videos with the world, it is the best app.

However, sometimes you may face issues that Snapchat keeps crashing or is not working, leaving you frustrated. No worries. We will help you fix this problem.

The issue has become more common these days as the company is frequently releasing lots of new features and updating the app.

Snapchat keeps crashing

Although the exact reason is hard to tell as there are a lot of things that could cause this issue.

We have explained the most common causes and fixes. We hope any of these fixes work for you.

10 Easy And Quick Ways To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing Issue

Here is a troubleshooting guide with 10 quick and easy fixes that you can apply to make the app run and get in touch with your friends and family again.

  • Check Snapchat service status on DownDetector
  • Check your Internet connection
  • Clear the App cache
  • Check App permissions
  • Check for App updates
  • Disconnect any VPN you are using
  • Uninstall, and Reinstall Snapchat
  • Delete Conversations
  • Force stop and restart the application
  • Restart your device

1.     Check Snapchat service status on Downdetector

Snapchat often faces server outages. You can check their service status by

visiting Downdetector. Downdetector is a website that monitors the service status of different social media platforms.

If their service is down, it will be shown on Downdetector.

You can also get in touch with the official Twitter account of Snapchat to get real updates from the company regarding service outages.

2.     Check your internet connection

Sometimes you might be facing network issues from your Internet Service Provider.

If you are using cellular data, check your internet connection by using different apps like speedtest.

Alternatively, if you are using Wi-Fi, you can restart your router, or you can also check the connectivity of the above-mentioned method.

3.     Clear the app cache

Snapchat keeps some data in the mobile cache to perform certain routine tasks faster.

Sometimes due, for some reason cache got full or corrupted, leading to the app failure.

You can clear the cache of Snapchat by taking the following simple steps.

Step:1- Go to App Settings.

Step:2- Search for Snapchat and open its settings

Step:3- Tap on the storage tab

Step:4- Press the clear cache button.

Now check Snapchat to see if it is working.

4. Check for App permissions

Snapchat works fine when you have granted all required permissions to the app, especially the Camera and location.

If you have disabled one of the required permissions, the app will not work well.

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Check app permissions on your Android phone using the following simple steps.

Step:1- Open your phone settings from the menu

Step:2- Go to App settings

Step:3- Search for Snapchat and open its settings

Step:4- Tap on the permissions tab and see for any disabled Permissions.

Step:5- Enable all the permissions that are disabled.

Here you go. Now check if Snapchat is working well.

5. Check for App Updates

Snapchat is regularly updated by the company. These updates include certain bug fixes or the addition of new features. They have added new features like Snapchat Planets, and Snapchat MyAI.

So if you haven’t updated, you are missing these features as well.

If your Snapchat is not working, try to check for updates on the Play Store.

You can check for updates in the following way;

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Snapchat in the search bar
  3. Click the Update button if there is an option for an update available.
  4. If there is no option for an update. It means your app is up to date.

6.     Disconnect any VPN you are using

If you are using any VPN service, it might be an issue that your VPN is connected to a country server where Snapchat services are banned. Try to disconnect the VPN and launch your application again.

7.     Uninstall, and Reinstall Snapchat

Often reinstalling the app fixes the issue. First of all, you have to uninstall the app. To uninstall, go to settings > Apps > Search for Snapchat and tap Uninstall.

To install it again, you can go to Play Store and can install it again, or install it by using the APK file if you have the file.

8.       Delete Conversations

If you are unable to fix the issue even after clearing the cache, updating the app, installing the app, and restarting the device, you have run into an uncommon problem.

This problem is associated with a cache of conversations.

Try deleting the conversations but keep in mind that once you delete the conversations, you will be unable to recover them back.

So it is a good option to take a backup of your conversations before deleting them.

To delete conversations, follow these steps;

  1. Tap your account avatar on Snapchat.
  2. Tap on the settings icon.
  3. Tap clear conversations.
  4. You can also remove conversations with a particular friend if you are unable to send and receive messages from a particular friend. In the list of friends, tap the “X” for that particular friend you want to delete conversations of.

9.     Force stop and Re-open the App

If you are unable to send snaps even when the Snapchat services are available, try to force stop the app from app settings and launch the app again.

Doing this will refresh your app settings, and the app will resynch with the server.

You can also go one step further by signing out from your Snapchat account and logging in again.

10.    Restart your device

Over time when our phone is being used, its RAM got full with a lot of programs running, and there is no more space left for more apps to run.

Some mobile phones clear the RAM automatically, while some are unable to clear the RAM by terminating unnecessary apps.

Restarting your device clears the RAM and refreshes your device.

If any of the above-mentioned solutions do not work, then as the last step, restart your device.


So that’s all about some common fixes to solve your Snapchat not working issue.

Most of the time, updating the app from the Play Store solves the issue for me.

If you have succeeded in fixing your Snapchat issue, please let us know which method solved your issue.

If you know of any other quick fix, please share in the comments so that more people can get benefit from it.

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